Arbitrators Application [Deadline- 10, July, 2018]

About ACDR

The Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution has formally inaugurated on 30 June 2015 to provide dispute resolution services to the local and international businesses by the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

The center’s mission is to support attracting and maintaining local and international business and investment in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan through offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that are cost-effective, transparent, and accountable.

In introducing any new concept to a country or culture, organizations must be mindful to not ignore traditional mechanisms, this is especially true when introducing concepts of justice and dispute resolution. Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR) seeks to firmly establish mediation and arbitration as sustainable services in Afghanistan. The ACDR is the first center of its kind in Afghanistan, providing commercial mediation and arbitration services to businesses. The ACDR will provide a place for both domestic and international companies to go resolve their disputes outside of the court system. Although, Alternative Dispute Resolution, in the western sense is a relatively new concept to Afghanistan, the ideas behind these mechanisms are not new to Afghanistan.


The issues facing mediation and arbitration development in Afghanistan are large and pervasive, among these are the issues of introducing a new mechanism for dispute resolution. While establishing mediation and arbitration process that would be recognized in the west as mediation will be more viable in an international city in Kabul. We believe it also is necessary to establish a dispute resolution process that would be familiar to the local community in the provinces, as we hope that the ACDR can expand in the future. A dispute resolution process that combines both local and western traditions of mediation will allow the ACDR to thrive in both the international and domestic communities and to sustainably generate mediation cases.


In order for the ACDR to be successful among the local business community and also among the international business community, it is important to define an appropriate balance between modern mediation principles and processes and traditional Afghani practices in dispute resolution. Through this balanced approach the ACDR will develop a successful and locally accepted mechanism of mediation and arbitration as well as one that will be successful and accepted by the international community using the ACDR services.


Job Summary for Selected Arbitrators:


Date Posted                         01 July, 2018 Reference                   ACDR-002
Closing Date                       10 July, 2019 Work Type                   –
Number of Vacancies          15 Gender                       Any
Functional Area                  Arbitration Open Ended                No
Nationality                         Afghan Years’ of experience without English Proficiency

4 Years

Contract Type                    Long-term Years’ of Experience with English Proficiency

2 Years


Arbitrator candidates will have trainings on arbitration and ADR between July 2018 to January 2019. The trainings will be conducted in English and local languages. The trainings and schedule will be shared after the candidates are selected. By the ending of the trainings in January 2019, the trainees will be provided:

  1. Arbitration Certificate,
  2. ACDR Arbitrators ID Card
  3. Will be arbitrator in cases registered at the ACDR
  4. Added in the list of ACDR Arbitrators’ Roster

An arbitrator will often encourage and facilitate communication between disputants and attempt to bring them to a settlement before an official hearing takes place. In such instances, he or she may guide negotiations and moderate meetings between the parties. If a settlement is reached, the arbitrator must then memorialize the understanding in writing, drafting a settlement agreement for both sides to sign. If the arbitration case proceeds to a full hearing, the arbitrator is responsible for drafting a written decision to support the findings, based on the evidence presented.

Job Skills:

Duties and Responsibilities of future Arbitrators:

  • Participate in training workshops and capacity building programs.
  • Train the next generation of arbitrators
  • To facilitate communication between disputants to guide parties to ward mutual agreement
  • To clarify issues, concerns, needs, and interests of all parties involved
  • To conduct initial meetings with disputants to outline the arbitration process
  • To settle procedural matters such as witness numbers or time requirements
  • To set up appointments for parties to meet for arbitration
  • To interview the parties, agents, experts, or witnesses to obtain information about disputed issues
  • To prepare settlement agreements for disputants to sign
  • To apply relevant laws, regulations, policies, or precedents to reach conclusions
  • To evaluate information from documents such as claim applications,
  • To act fairly to both parties.
  • Not to delegate the duty to other person(s)
  • To decide all matters referred.
  • To act together with other arbitrators.
  • To keep the arbitration confidential.
  • To conduct the arbitration fairly and without undue delay.
  • To effectively resolve the dispute between the parties by rendering a Valid Award.


The arbitrators shall have the following skills before starting the training:

  • Strong listening and communication skills are a pre-requisite so as to understand the issues faced by both parties.
  • Excellent negotiation and persuasive skills are required to help both parties agree to a settlement.
  • Keeping him/her self-updated with the latest changes in laws and regulations.
  • Demonstrate excellent time management and organization skills.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The successful candidates will be contracted to work as an arbitrator for Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR), depending on satisfactory performance and continued availability.
  • For this position, ACDR shall not offer any kind of direct, monthly or annual payment. The arbitrator shall receive payment upon Arbitration Case bases.
  • The selected candidate shall be provided 40 Hours trainings to be certified arbitrator in around 6 months. All the workshops, trainings inside and outside Afghanistan shall be free of charge.


Minimum Qualifications:-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Law or Sharia
  • Proficiency in English Language is preferred
  • 25 years old

Work Experience:-

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in advocacy, judgeship, prosecutor or closely related experience with High English Language Proficiency.
  • Four years advocacy, judgeship, prosecutor and closely related experience if not proficient in English Language.
  • Experience in dispute settlement.

Job Location:

  • Kabul, Afghanistan

Submission Guideline

ACDR is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in all areas of its operation. We welcome and encourage diverse applications.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

To apply: Send your Resume & Cover letter to the below mentioned email address and include Mediator in the subject line of your email. Email:

Cell: +93 (0) 744 11 88  97 – Ms. Sana Stanikzai


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the working being performed by the employee assigned to this work. This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities.

The Director of ACDR reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities or even to cancel the recruitment to meet business and organizational needs as necessary.

You can review/download the guidelines for the Selection of Arbitrators below:

Guidelines for ACDR Arbitrator Selectio_Public

You can review/download this application in PDF below:

Arbitrators Application