Preparation of Arbitration and Mediation Materials for Afghanistan Independent Bar Association

Meeting of the Joint Taskforce of Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR) and the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) on the preparation of arbitration and mediation materials for the legal course of AIBA

Date: 25 June 2020

Venue: Online

Participants: Zahid Omarzai, ACDR Executive Director, Mehdi Khirad, ACDR Deputy Executive Director, Ajmal Manawi, Member of AIBA Steering Council and Defense Lawyer, Dr. Abdul Vahid Afzali, ACDR Arbitrator, Dr. Ali Mohammad Mirzaii, ACDR Arbitrator, Ali Akbar Muddabir, ACDR Arbitrator, Naseebullah Esmaty, ACDR Mediator, Ahmad Ali Shariati, ACDR Mediator, and Aimal Faez, Defense Lawyer and Introduced by  AIBA for the Taskforce

Mr. Zahid Omarzai, the Executive Director of ACDR and Mr. Rohullah Qarizada, President of AIBA signed a MoU to include two ADR subjects i.e. Arbitration and Mediation in the legal course of AIBA. The mentioned legal course is a 6-month course the completion of which is a requirement for taking bar license in Afghanistan. ACDR will assist AIBA in preparing the required materials and introduce experienced and qualified arbitration and mediation trainers to AIBA. Furthermore, ACDR will also manage through its different programs to provide trainings on arbitration and mediation to the lawyers registered with AIBA.

Following the signing of MoU between ACDR and AIBA and efforts to implement the MoU, ACDR with the coordination of AIBA established a joint taskforce to prepare arbitration and mediation materials for legal course of AIBA. Members of this joint taskforce are as follow:

  1. Mehdi Khirad, ACDR Deputy Director;
  2. Ajmal Manawi, Member of AIBA Steering Council and Defense Lawyer;
  3. Dr. Abdul Vahid Afzali, ACDR Arbitrator;
  4. Dr. Ali Mohammad Mirzaii, ACDR Arbitrator;
  5. Ali Akbar Muddabir, ACDR Arbitrator;
  6. Naseebullah Esmaty, ACDR Mediator;
  7. Ali Ahmad Shariati, ACDR Mediator; and
  8. Aimal Faez, Defense Lawyer and Introduced by AIBA for the Taskforce.

The first meeting of this joint taskforce was held online on 25 June 2020. In this preliminary meeting, a detailed discussion was held on how to advance and regulate the tasks on the arbitration and mediation courses of AIBA.

In order to better regulate the activities related to the joint taskforce, at the end of this online meeting, Mr. Ali Akbar Mudabbir was elected as the head of mentioned joint taskforce by the majority of the taskforce members. ACDR congratulates Mr. Ali Akbar Mudabbir on his selection as the head of joint taskforce and wishes him further success. The ACDR also expresses its gratitude to all of the taskforce members for their kind cooperation.